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My Story [Jan. 29th, 2009|09:02 pm]
Intellectual Website


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Hey y'all. yukitheawesome/Madeleine posted a bit about herself, so I thought I'd give you a little information about me.

This is real long, y'all. My apologies.

You can refer to me either as my whole username (if you like to type), or any shorthand thereof.
I think Madeleine will refer to me as JC.
I am a seventeen-year-old from Dallas of mixed race. Looking at me, you might think one of a hundred different things about me. This makes me paranoid. Stop looking at me like that.

I'm not serious all the time. In fact, let it be known that I am RARELY serious. My first post was misleading to my nature. I was just very upset by the apathy of my generation.

You guys will probably only see my sarcastic side. My ridonkulous side might show from time to time, though. Be prepared.

Politically, I know next to nothing. I will be very honest. I did take a fancy quiz once that told me I am center-left. Madeleine seemed to trust the answers of said quiz... So I'd like to think that's true. :)
Despite having little knowledge of the actual political system other than what Madeleine tells me (POCKET VETO!), I have very strong opinions of my own, especially concerning civil rights.

Don't think I'm not trying, though! I definitely want to be well-prepared for midterm elections and such. :)
I resolve to be an active member of our country's politics.

Important notes? I'm sort of basing mine off the structure of Madeleine's. I'm horrible at introductions. I need a steady guide! A sherpa, if you will.
I come from a strongly Republican family. My mom's side are white Methodists who really don't push religion, but my dad's side (being Cuban) is HIGHLY Catholic. I was raised in the Catholic faith, though I am ashamed to admit that now* and consider myself more of a spiritual.
I bring this up as an important note to prove once and for all that religions do not brainwash people and you can believe in Jesus and still be sane. Kind of.
I strongly believe in the separation of Church and State, and I hate anyone who says different.
Seriously. I will try not to bring up my religious beliefs outside of this post unless I am directly asked (nicely!), or if we're arguing Creationism vs. Evolution (I'm kind of a fan of Intelligent Design, but please don't ask me to explain it...).
I also hate intolerance of any kind, and should I come across any in the comments of this blog (if there will ever BE any), so help you, you will face my wrath.

I plan to major in Film and minor in Journalism. Yes, this means I intend to make documentaries of any sort (I have BIG plans!), and perhaps do news and correspondence (to my mother's dismay) for cash monies.
I am fully aware that I am going to be dirt poor, thankyouverymuchSIR.

Umm, what else... My favorite color is red?

Yes. That's all. Thank you for bothering to read this.
I'll update and add more later.

*The reason for this is because of the incumbent Pope.
Let's just say I will never accept him as the Pope, because I think it was a huge mistake on the Catholic Church's part to appoint a former Nazi to the office of "Holy See."
Uh, yeah. Like the Catholic Church needs to be any MORE intolerant.
Lest we forget when the Pope declared that "defending humanity against homosexuality is just as important as saving the rainforest."


To this, Fuhrer Ratzinger, all I can say to you is...